2006 Kentucky High School Softball

Friday, March 24, 2006

Ta da!

I guess a basketball blog didn't stick as well as I wanted it to, so I'm not gonna wait around until October to try that again. Let's try this baby out on the mother of all spring sports--high school softball.

Of course, it would be a little unfair of me to say that, seeing that I've only been a fan of this thing for going on a year now. But nevertheless, I'm publishing this thing to make you think that I know everything there is to know about high school softball.

Haha, but the trick's on you because I know very little! But this is gonna be fun, and I hope I keep the blog updated throughout the year, from tomorrow to the state championship game in J-Town (coincidentally, the home of the 2006 boys' basketball state champs--the Jeffersontown Chargers)...

There are many storylines to follow this season. Will Owensboro Catholic repeat as state champions? What effect with the Laurels have as they move to their new region? Will the second region emerge as the best region in the state? Will Greenwood finally suck it up and take down ACS in the fourth region? Will an Eastern Kentucky team pull an Estill County and go all Cinderella on us?

That's just some of the things we'll be following all season on this blog. Thanks for visiting, and check back daily for reflection and prediction...as if I know what I'm talking about.

Ha! Good form! Ha!


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