2006 Kentucky High School Softball

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Tournament Reviews

For these tournaments, the focus won't be on who won the tournament, but rather which top teams squared off against each other and what went down. The scoreboard at KHSAA still isn't complete, but let's see what we can make of the results so far...

TSOA Tournament

So far, there are four games that aren't being reported yet. Those games are...

--Central Hardin vs. Breckinridge County
--Butler vs. Breckinridge County
--Daviess County vs. Mercy
--Grayson County vs. North Hardin

Here are some scores that caught my eye...

#4 Grayson County d. Daviess County 3-0
The Cougats win their fourth straight to begin the year, this one coming against a 3rd region rival.

#4 Grayson County d. Sacred Heart 8-6
Both teams' pitchers seemed to struggle, but the Cougars won this one in the end.

#4 Grayson County d. #20 Mercy 2-1
Once again, the Cougars still have the ability to win a close game.

Sacred Heart d. #17 Butler 5-4
This win might get Heart back in the rankings.

#12 North Hardin d. #20 Mercy 2-1
Another close loss for Mercy...already their third loss of the season.

#12 North Hardin d. #3 Henderson County 1-0
It looks as if North has made themselves the favorite in the 5th region with this win.

Warren East Invitational

So far, there are two games that aren't being reported yet. Those games are...

--Russellville vs. Jeffersontown
--Edmonson County vs. Jeffersontown

Here are some scores that caught my eye...

Barren County d. Warren Central 1-0
This was a good pitcher's duel between two solid 4th region teams.

Edmonson County d. #22 St. Mary 4-0
It appears that ACS and Greenwood should be happy that Edmonson County has departed the 4th region.

Edmonson County d. #14 Hopkins County Central 3-0
Now Grayson County and Owensboro Catholic should be nervous that Edmonson County has entered the 3rd region.

Boyle County Invitational

There are many games not posted here, but this article from the Danville A-M sheds some light on the tournament's events. Basically, this tournament served as a 12th regional tournament preview. Remember, North and South Laurel have left the 12th region for the 13th...here are the teams that proved themselves worthy of state tournament consideration in the 12th region...

--Boyle County
--Pulaski County

Today, the 11th Annual Florida Beach Bash begins in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Here are some Kentucky matchups scheduled for today...

--Boone County vs. Elizabethtown
--Lone Oak vs. #18 Lafayette
--Grant County vs. #19 Male
--Muhlenberg North vs. #19 Male
--#8 Ryle vs. Assumption

This tournament continues throughout the week. These games WILL factor into next week's rankings. So be warned...


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